Fair Trade Clothing

“There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger
and unhappiness”

What distinguishes us from others in the business is our commitment to each and every stake holder
involved with us. While we ensure that our customers get great value, we also pride ourselves on the
long term relationships that we have built with our vendors, suppliers and employees. Together, we are
an extended family and our sense of loyalty and fair play has ensured that we remain so. In fact, we have
a very low attrition rate – almost all our staff has been with us since we started operations.

No child labor
or forced labor

Ethical hiring standards
with no discrimination

Adherence to health
and safety standards

Our managers are our stake
holders and are aware of what
we charge our customers.

On time payments

Awarded Socially
Compliant Certificate
by SGS

Policies and committees in
place for Grievance Resolution,
Sexual Harassment, Health
& Safety, Human Rights etc.

A Zero Emissions facility
with waste recycling

Protective gears and regular
check-ups to ensure worker

Broken Needle Control to
ensure safe garments